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How to make the best of a date during COVID

Dating is never easy. Catholic dating? That can be even harder. Catholic dating during a pandemic?

You get the idea. 

Dating has always been relatively awkward and uncomfortable in the best of times, so how is one supposed to make the most of the dating scene during a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic? We've got some ideas to help you stay out there and stay safe, all while looking for that special someone.

Maximize your remote options

Ok, this is an easy one, and doesn't really need an introduction. The simplest and most obvious way to keep dating during COVID is to rely on digital options. Systems like Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, etc. have blossomed during the pandemic for this reason. They are a great way to get to know someone before considering an in-person meeting, and also helps close greater distances and avoid travel for those Catholics who are a bit further away from larger cities. 

As great as remote options can be, it's important to be more concise with your intentions when booking remote dates. It's easy to book multiple remote dates instead of a single in person date, and because of that, it's easier to not set the same expectations as you might during an in-person date. 

Do yourself a favor and be just as detailed and clear with your expectations as you might with an in-person date. You won't regret it! 

Create a COVID dating plan

Everyone will have a different level of risk tolerance when it comes to dating during a pandemic. There are those that might not ever be comfortable meeting another person during the pandemic, while there are others who may be comfortable with a safe, social distance date at some point when numbers allow. 

Establish your level of comfort, and stick with it. As with any pandemic, your health and the health of those around you are paramount. As we (hopefully) begin to exit this pandemic, understand your limitations and your levels of acceptable risk. Will you be comfortable meeting with someone who is vaccinated only, or any of your potential mates when infection numbers subside?

In addition, you can use your remote dating efforts to create plans with someone who you might want to meet in person, and when you are ready to meet, you will already have established a plan.

Make it interesting!

Use your remote dating options to engage in other activities. Watching movies, playing video games (if that's your kind of thing), reading scripture or books and discussing your experiences can all deepen your connection, even if it's only virtual. 

If you want to surprise each other, order a dinner meal for each other and enjoy it together remotely. Create a list of ideas and plans of activities you can undertake the moment you can begin spending time together. 

Dating during a pandemic is difficult, but god willing, we will be through this together in no time. Until then, don't let opportunities to meet new people fall to the wayside. 

Get out there and meet some new people (digitally, anyway)! 


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