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Introducing CatholicLuv Premium

Hello faithful and fellow Catholics!

We wanted to provide an update on some exciting new developments for our dating service.

We have created a new premium tier for our users, with a few new exciting features to share. These include:

  • Online indicator - no more guessing who has been active and who hasn't! A new message will pop up next to those profiles who are online, helping you choose who to speak with and where to spend your time!
  • Message read status - a feature that's been in demand! Now it's possible to see who has read your messages and get a better sense of where you stand with your connection. 
  • Unlimited new chats - start as many new chats as you want, with as many new connections as you'd like! This does change the free tier to a limit of 3 new chats per day. 
  • + More premium features to come as we continue to grow!
Here's our post on the r/CatholicDating subreddit that explains a lot of our thinking:

We've been growing every month, adding new users from all over the world at a decently fast pace. We have seen tens of thousands of visits, messages and new connections in the year since our launch.

Despite all of this great progress, the number one thing we continue to hear from our members is that we need more members. But new members are hard (and expensive) to find - it requires marketing dollars, advertising, site and user improvements.

Our current challenge is that we are still a team of two (with one fabulous intern), and have been paying out of pocket for this effort. We need to raise revenue to continue to grow and make CatholicLuv even better. We need to make more people aware of our service to bring more users into the fold, and we'd like to add mobile apps, new features, and more awareness overall, but to do that, we need to grow.

In that spirit, we'd like to announce a new premium tier. This effort will help us invest in marketing, user experience improvements, and app development, all of which we would love to do more of, but is impossible with just two people.

That being said, we will not be losing our free tier. We still believe strongly in the mission of Catholic matchmaking, and money should not be a barrier to people finding great connections. Money should be the how, but not the why.

Our free tier will be able to send messages, view profiles, and make connections, but will have a limit in the total chats individuals can engage in every day. This also has the benefit of stopping those who sign up for a free account and message bomb people - it does happen!

Our premium tier will have all of the functionality of the free tier, plus online notifications, unlimited messaging, and the knowledge that you are supporting the mission and growth of the catholic dating community! The best part? Our pricing plan is much more affordable than our competition, and as always, we don't employ any bots, engagement schemes, or sneaky tricks - we prefer honest, transparent connections. We want you to find your forever, on our website. And then tell your single catholic friends!

We are humbled by this community that gave us our start, provided us with great feedback, and helped us grow, and we hope to be able to return the favor by continuing to create the best catholic dating community on the internet. Period.

Faithfully yours;

Ken and Philip


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