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3 Awesome Remote Dating Ideas

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Dating in the time of COVID is hard. Really hard.  How is one supposed to meet a potential love interest, spend significant time with that other person and meet their friends, family, coworkers, pets, when you are supposed to stay 6 feet away from each other?  Unfortunately, dating in the time of COVID is quite different and hard to find ways to move forward normally. Many of us have taken a step back and are waiting to jump back into the dating pool when the time is right. The good news? Dating during COVID can still be done, and done rather well!  Decide on a time, place and platform.  Time and platform are easy, but place is a little more tricky. You might be asking, "place? I can Zoom date from my living room just like work!". While this is true, you should use the opportunity to use some creativity, or at least get yourself in the right headspace.  You might take a chance and see if you can conduct your date from a fav

5 traits women ACTUALLY find attractive

In response to our prior article , it was time to create an article that answered the other side of the equation, and this time it's for all the dudes out there!  It is a timeless question: what do women want in a man? Further, and perhaps more importantly, what do faithful women look for in faithful men?  There are a lot of articles out there to consider, along with a lot of mixed advice, but we've narrowed this list down to five heavy hitters for you to focus on going forward.  1. Confidence Confidence is infectious, especially in a romantic partner. We all want to feel like we are with someone who is strong, self-assured, and independent.  Confidence is a tricky one though, because it's a bit of a catch-22. Low confidence begets more self-criticism begets lower confidence. Seeing highly confident people from a distance can feel like looking through the glass at a really great party: everyone is having fun and smiling, and you're left out in the cold. Ouch. Good news?

Finding light and love in a season of darkness

The past few years have been a season of tests. We've tested our faith, our beliefs, our ability to balance what is important in our lives. We've done all of this and we've struggled to be successful in what feels like so many things.  We know our faith will always be tested, but this is a truly remarkable series of events that have pushed many of us to the brink. It's even harder for those of us trying to find a relationship.  In case there was any confusion, social distancing is the antithesis of what most of us would consider normal dating.  Amidst all of this change, confusion and darkness, there are still things to be thankful for, and there are still rich and full paths forward for each of us in this life. While these are very hard to see at times, it's important to consider our blessings on a regular basis - not just to thank our creator (never hurts), but also to bring significant peace to our own mind. How can this be achieved? Through a practice of consist

Refer new members! Win a beautiful Rosary!

Hello CatholicLuv users (and CatholicLuv curious),  We at CatholicLuv hope this message finds you healthy and well! It's been a busy few months for us at CatholicLuv, and we've been enhancing our service, marketing our company, and gaining a user base month after month!  We're happy with the direction things are going - but we'd like to continue to make CatholicLuv even better, and what's better than more users of the faith? Nothing!  We think 2020 was hard enough, and we'd like to get back to celebrating the good things in this life, like Easter! To commemorate the season and to bring more users into the fold, we're holding a contest! A contest!  We are introducing a referral program and contest, and the winner will receive a fantastic handmade rosary from Jesse's Vintage !  Jesse is known for his fantastic workmanship and handmade rosaries on Etsy, and we will be giving this beautiful example away to one lucky CatholicLuv user! If you don't win, we

How to make the best of a date during COVID

Dating is never easy. Catholic dating? That can be even harder. Catholic dating during a pandemic? You get the idea.  Dating has always been relatively awkward and uncomfortable in the best of times, so how is one supposed to make the most of the dating scene during a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic? We've got some ideas to help you stay out there and stay safe, all while looking for that special someone. Maximize your remote options Ok, this is an easy one, and doesn't really need an introduction. The simplest and most obvious way to keep dating during COVID is to rely on digital options. Systems like Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, etc. have blossomed during the pandemic for this reason. They are a great way to get to know someone before considering an in-person meeting, and also helps close greater distances and avoid travel for those Catholics who are a bit further away from larger cities.  As great as remote options can be, it's important to be more concise with your intentions w

3 Online Dating Etiquette Tips for Catholics

All dating is difficult. Online dating uniquely so, especially for those of us looking for a specific match in the physical and spiritual world. The good news is that it can be done, and using best practices and some tips and tricks, you can tilt the online dating game in your favor. Keep in mind, building a great online dating profile is cumulative. There are no silver bullets to taking an online profile from lacking to all-star - instead, there are a host of small changes you can use to up your game.  Be clear and concise It's important to know what things are non-negotiable in your future relationship, and make those things known early on in your dating profile. This requires a bit of self-reflection, as you should be spending some serious time giving these 'hard stops' some serious thought. Many relationships are doomed early on when one (or both) parties don't fully grasp their non-negotiables early on. This is a recipe for lost time and heartache.  Once your non-n

Stop looking for marriage, start looking for love

It's very easy to idealize the sacrament of marriage. As a society, we tend to focus on a perfect wedding day, followed by decades of wedded bliss. We tell ourselves that marriage will be work, but it will be worth it. And of course, these grand plans benefit from a haze of idealism and (for many of us), the unknown reality that is married life.  While daydreaming isn't a terrible thing, it often makes us focus on the wrong things.  No, I'm not saying you should not get married. Rather, I'm talking about a mindset. Sometimes as a Catholic, we put so much emphasis on marriage, that we forget what actually leads to marriage. If you're searching, don't search for a wife or a husband.  Instead, focus on looking for a lasting, meaningful connection and sustainable, deep love.  When you're thinking of a partner who qualifies as 'marriage material', we tend to think of a set of specific criteria. When dating (or even just meeting people), it's easy to q
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