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The Origin of CatholicLuv...

We thought it was important to share our origin story and make sure our valued community knows where CatholicLuv came from, and where we hope to go. Our community is everything to CatholicLuv, and for those that didn't join us from Reddit, we still thought it was worth sharing.

The below post was posted to our Reddit account (u/Earth2Dwynwen) on Dec 1st of 2020.

We've finally had it...

Hi fellow Catholics!

I would respectfully love your feedback on a topic close to everyone’s heart in this sub:

First, a little background.

My colleague and I recently were talking about his struggles in the catholic dating world. There are a few industry leading apps (we know you’re here), but they’re all very expensive, poorly designed, or both (no offense, just our feeling). He was getting frustrated with the experience, and there really aren't many other places to turn, especially if you want to stay close to the faith.

We’ve had too many awkward Tinder conversations about religion, and don't want to pay $30/mo to just try to find someone right for us. We decided we had enough.

So, we made our own Catholic dating website, and we’d love for you to try it.

A few notes first:

  • It’s free (for the foreseeable future, but at some point we will need to be able to cover operating costs). For now, we just want a safe haven for those looking to find someone of the faith and we’ll pay for it out of pocket. We want the faithful to have an open and safe place to meet each other, with as few barriers as possible.

  • We want your help in making it the best possible place for finding a match. Read that again, slowly. Please reach out to me directly, or use our feedback form on our website to let us know what you want to see in the worlds best catholic dating website.

    • *Caveat time* - we are a small team, so please be patient with us! We will commit to adding features that this community wants to see as fast as we possibly can!

  • As is the case with any brand new social network, it’s a little quiet right now. But, our vision is that it will soon become the single best place for Catholics to find meaningful connections. So, feel free to make an account and come see us on occasion. Or, you’ll get an email when someone chats you up!

We hope you stop by, meet a few people, and find a meaningful connection or two!


Ken and Philip

EDIT: WOW, thank you for the awards, the generous offers of support and all of the incredible feedback!! We promise we will keep our development process as transparent as possible and will update this sub as we continue! Thanks again!!


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